Sound-absorbing products

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Polyester fiber decorative acoustic panel

Polyester fiber decorative sound-absorbing board is made of environmentally friendly polyester fiber as raw material, through carding, needle punching and other processes, the product surface is flat, a variety of colors, good sound absorption effect, good decorative effect, and convenient construction, details can be visited by the factory


Wood grating sound-absorbing panel

Product name: wooden sound-absorbing board product specification: 2440*132/197mm product thickness: 12/15/18mm product material: density board/solid board/ceramic aluminum plate suitable place: wall sound-absorbing treatment fire protection grade of gymnasium, conference room, theater, multi-function hall and other places: B1/A1 environmental protection grade: E1/E0


Special-shaped soft bag sound-absorbing board

Model:RC-25 substrate: 96kg high density sound-absorbing cotton board frame: flame retardant resin frame finish: flame retardant cloth, flame retardant leather main functions: strong sound-absorbing effect, heat preservation, flame retardant, mildew proof, moisture proof and other properties, and various colors, good decorative effect scope of application: movie theater, auditorium, conference room, recording studio, studio, multi-function hall and other Model:RC-25Material: color: fire-retardantresinframeFinishes: