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B1 flame retardant fabric sound-absorbing board

Product Category:

Sound-absorbing products

Product Summary:

The fabric sound-absorbing board is made of 96K ultra-fine centrifugal glass silk cotton as the base material, which is surrounded by resin hardening or PVC frame hardening to harden the cotton board and have linear decorative properties, and then the surface is covered with a layer of decorative flame retardant cloth. The color and size can be customized according to customer requirements. The products are mainly used for sound absorption treatment of walls in cinemas, conference rooms, grand theaters, gymnasiums and other places, in order to solve the indoor reverberation sound on the human ear to produce the accent confusion feeling. Substrate: 96kg ultra-fine centrifugal glass fiber sound-absorbing cotton board frame: flame-retardant resin or flame-retardant PVC profile finish: decorative flame-retardant cloth fire rating: grade a or B1 main functions: strong sound-absorbing effect, superior heat preservation, flame-retardant, mildew-proof, moisture-proof and other properties, and various colors, good decorative effect. Common specifications: 1200*600*25mm;1200*1200mm;600*600*25mm;(can be customized) scope of application: cinema, basketball hall, auditorium, conference room, recording studio, studio, multi-function hall, etc

Keywords: Wooden sound-absorbing board | Polyester fiber board | Soft package sound-absorbing board | Rubber cushion | Damping sound insulation board

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