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Fire and sound insulation board

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Sound insulation board

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Rongchangsheng "Sound Shield" brand sound insulation board is composed of a layer of 12mm thick paper moisture-proof gypsum board, a layer of 6mm thick high-density glass magnesium board and a layer of 2mm thick damping vibration isolation adhesive. Three different materials play a strong isolation role in the sound of high frequency, medium frequency and low frequency bands respectively. Moreover, the product has Class A fire resistance and is environmentally friendly and free of formaldehyde, it can meet the requirements of flame retardant, environmental protection, sound insulation and other requirements at the same time, and can also choose two layers of glass magnesium plate or aluminum plate to meet different functional requirements according to customer needs.

Keywords: Wooden sound-absorbing board | Polyester fiber board | Soft package sound-absorbing board | Rubber cushion | Damping sound insulation board

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