Brief Introduction of Related Knowledge of Flame Retardant Cloth

flame retardant cloth is a kind of fabric with flame retardant, which changes the whole process of combustion of the fabric from solid phase dissolution to liquid phase air oxidation, thus reducing the flammability of the fabric, making it difficult to burn, reducing secondary combustion, and also protecting the objects wrapped by flame retardant cloth.

In addition, there is a flame retardant cloth, the basic principle of flame retardant mainly in its production, in the fabric chemical fiber inside the flame retardant, so that the fabric chemical fiber has flame retardant. Second, after the fabric is designed, the flame retardant is rubbed on the fabric, and both methods can be flame retardant.

Obviously, the flame retardant effect is better. In the selection of the choice, can focus on the choice of flame retardant cloth is used to see what kind of system, so determine the quality of the flame retardant cloth is good and bad.

Flame retardant fabrics suffer from some of the areas that must be flame retardant. And because of the wide application area of flame retardant cloth, it can also be used as protective clothing, firefighter's fire clothing, curtain cloth, stage curtain, blanket, automobile interior parts and other important significance. Flame retardant effect in our lives to avoid many security risks, to a certain extent, reduce the number of accidents, to meet the requirements of people now pay attention to personal safety, in the field of fabric in an indispensable influence.

However, due to the current social market situation, the cost of raw materials for flame retardant fabrics is very high, resulting in the price of flame retardant fabrics is still gradually rising. To a certain extent, it will affect the sales of flame retardant cloth. Lite factory shop flame retardant cloth quality hard, high visibility, price beautiful, if you are interested, you can click on the flame retardant cloth to buy, consulting details.

polyester outdoor tent has many advantages, soft material, feel good, more wear-resistant, waterproof function is strong and not aging, water pressure can be adjusted according to the necessary. Whether it is disaster resistance, emergency or tourism, used to sleep, wind and rain, polyester fabrics are more suitable.

However, outdoor tent fires also occur from time to time, causing damage to society and giving people personal safety!

outdoor tent fire thus, the tent fire safety has more regulations! Outdoor tent fire safety is to start with flame retardant tent cloth, and the universal way of flame retardant tent cloth is to add flame retardant! The flame retardant problem of

polyester tent cloth has always been a relatively unsolvable problem, because polyester itself is flammable and flammable! As a tent cloth flame retardant, there are still many regulations, which can effectively block the spread of fabric flames and protect the original comfort of textiles. The R & D department of

flame retardant manufacturer has finally overcome these problems through tens of thousands of tests. The epoxy resin used in tent cloth flame retardant is polyurethane material, and the flame retardant is halogen-free series products.

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