Glass fiber smallpox selection and quality judgment methods all those?

There are many ceiling products on the market now, and the supply of fiberglass ceiling is also increasing. People should pay attention to judge the quality of the ceiling and choose high-quality, reliable, beautiful and durable fiberglass ceilings. The selection and quality judgment method of glass fiber smallpox are introduced below. Let's understand together!

Precautions for Selection of 1. Glass Fiber Ceiling

1. Pay attention to the appearance of glass fiber ceiling and choose a ceiling with smooth appearance and smooth surface, because regular manufacturers have strict requirements on the appearance of ceiling, especially as interior decoration materials, beauty is the embodiment of its quality. Therefore, the factory does not allow defects on its surface.

2. Pay attention to the thickness of the glass fiber ceiling, which has a great influence on the sound absorption performance of the sound absorption board. Therefore, the product cannot be too thin, but it cannot be too thick, which will waste materials, increase the weight of the ceiling, and increase the load of the building. Select the appropriate thickness of glass fiber ceiling can achieve good sound absorption and decorative effect.

3, pay attention to the strength of glass fiber smallpox. Professional manufacturers have advanced testing equipment, can strictly test the performance of the sound-absorbing board, to ensure that the sound-absorbing board quality standards. Therefore, people must buy products from regular manufacturers and pay attention to checking the relevant quality inspection certificates.

4. Pay attention to the density of the glass fiber sound absorption ceiling, which also has a certain impact on the sound absorption performance of the glass fiber ceiling.

5, indoor use of glass fiber ceiling, people require it to have a flame retardant effect, so as to ensure the safety of the building, the use of more assured.

2. So how to distinguish the quality of glass fiber smallpox?

1. Look at the material of the product

The production of the product should start from the raw material. Good products must also use high-quality mineral fiber cotton; however, the slag commonly used by some small manufacturers on the market to produce glass ceiling is natural slag. It is easy to find that the sound-absorbing board made of natural slag contains impurities, uneven weight, and easy to deform. When identifying the product, we carefully observe the quality of the mineral wool from the exposed mineral wool side of the sound-absorbing board, whether it is uniform, and whether the color difference of the mineral wool is consistent. This is the basic way to distinguish the quality of sound-absorbing panels.

2. Look at the surface of the material

During the production process of the product, surface treatment will be carried out. Regular manufacturers will polish and spray the surface of the product. Due to the different cost of latex paint used for spraying, some manufacturers will choose cheaper and lower quality latex paint for spraying, and the spraying process is relatively simple; some manufacturers even use putty to make the surface of the mineral wool sound-absorbing board smooth and clean to cover The impurities of its sound-absorbing board. Better glass ceiling surface is not only sprayed, but also frosted and coated, which improves the grade and performance of the product. Therefore, another criterion for judging the quality of the suction is to check whether the color difference of the surface spraying treatment is consistent, whether the back coating meets the standard, whether there is bonded mineral wool, and whether there are protrusions on the surface.

3. Look at the shape of glass fiber smallpox

The shape of the product is relatively single, and the high-quality ceiling can also be made into various shapes. The surface of the product can be treated with a variety of colors and shapes. High quality glass ceiling can be staggered layered molding, so that customers have more choices.

4. Look at the performance of the product

The performance of the sound-absorbing board is a standard that simply reflects the quality of the sound-absorbing board. The information of the corresponding sound-absorbing board will be attached to the sound-absorbing board sample label, including its sound-absorbing performance index, fire performance index, etc.

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