What are the characteristics of glass fiber smallpox?

glass fiber ceiling is a high-quality flat glass fiber cotton board as the substrate, the surface composite glass fiber sound-absorbing decorative felt, around the curing of the ceiling. Glass fiber ceiling is often used as a decorative layer for walls and roofs, which can effectively block and reduce indoor and outdoor noise, and can also play a role in heat insulation. Here are the main features of glass fiber smallpox.

1. High sound absorption: The sound absorption coefficient of

glass fiber ceiling is NRC = 0.90~1.00. It can effectively control and adjust indoor reverberation time, improve sound quality and reduce noise.

2. Fire performance:

glass fiber ceiling is composed of glass fiber (asbestos) fiber. The board is compounded with the surface layer of fire retardant coating and belongs to other materials.

3. Moisture resistance:

glass fiber does not absorb moisture in the air, has excellent moisture resistance, is dimensionally stable at room temperature of 40°C and relative humidity of 90%, and can maintain the stability of flatness.

4. Environmental protection:

glass fiber ceiling is a new type of pollution-free green building material, with anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, no harmful substances and other characteristics. Products can be recycled.

5. Heat insulation:

glass fiber ceiling adopts advanced production equipment and technology, so that the product has unique heat preservation and heat insulation performance. When used in air-conditioned rooms, it can maintain the indoor temperature well and save energy.

6. Decorative:

The panel pattern is fashionable, white is soft and comfortable. In addition to excellent performance, its decorative effect is more modern and closer to the international trend.

7. Scrub resistance:

The surface of Ruitang board treated with special coating can be used for a long time, and its surface can prevent dust from adhering and has strong moisture resistance. The color does not fade for a long time, and regular cleaning can keep the surface clean.

8. Convenience and safety:

glass fiber ceiling installation without taking protective measures, will not be scattered fiber pollution of the environment, the construction site clean. Metal keel can be used for installation, and it can be installed in open or concealed. The board is light in weight and suitable for large-span buildings such as stadiums, exhibition halls, and shopping malls. It is easy to install, repair and replace in the future.

9. Reflectivity:

can improve lighting efficiency and save energy. In normal use of direct lighting, many lamps need to be installed, but this increases cost and energy consumption. Its use increases indirect light source, makes the room brighter and more comfortable, reduces glare and light and shadow flicker, and prevents and relieves eye fatigue.

10. No dust fall:

surface coating is sprayed under high pressure with strong adhesion. The four sides of the board are sealed without dust, which can effectively prevent dust adsorption in the air. Therefore, the layout can be kept clean for a long time, reduce the trouble caused by cleaning, and play an important role in keeping the indoor environment clean and the air clean.

11. Anti-settlement:

The base material is 90% glass fiber dry synthetic, the fibers are long, closely arranged, the organization is firm, does not absorb water, and does not deform after long-term installation. Even if accidental water leakage occurs, it can still maintain its original size after drying and will not sink. The stability of the material allows it to maintain a continuous and perfect decorative effect.

12. Energy saving:

The ceiling has ideal high insulation and low thermal conductivity, which can maintain the indoor temperature well, reduce heat loss, and save energy and costs.

glass fiber smallpox