What is the advantage of glass fiber ceiling construction?

glass fiber ceiling building application? What is the glass fiber ceiling building application?

1. The glass fiber ceiling centrifugal glass wool has the excellent characteristics of fire prevention, heat preservation and easy cutting, and is one of the commonly used building sound absorption materials. However, because the surface of the centrifugal glass wool is not decorative, there will be scattered fibers, so it must be made into a variety of sound-absorbing components for hidden use. Common structures with lower cost are perforated gypsum board ceiling or perforated board wall filled with centrifugal glass wool.

2. When the perforation rate is greater than 20%, the sound absorption performance of centrifugal glass wool can basically be brought into play. In order to prevent the glass wool fiber overflow, it is necessary to stick a layer of non-woven fabric, mulberry paper and other sound-transmitting fabrics on the back of the perforated plate, or wrap it with glass cloth or plastic film. Similar to perforated gypsum board, perforated metal plate (such as aluminum plate), perforated wood board, perforated fiber cement board, perforated mineral wool board, etc.

3. The glass fiber ceiling glass wool board can be made into sound-absorbing ceiling or sound-absorbing wall board after treatment. Generally, 80-120kg/m3 glass wool board is cured by glue, and then wrapped with fireproof sound-permeable fabric to form a sound-absorbing wallboard, which is both beautiful and easy to install. Common sizes are 1.2 m1.2m,1.2 m0.6m,0.6 m0.6m, and thickness is 2.5cm or 5cm. There are also 110Kg/m3 glass wool surface directly sprayed with sound-transmitting decorative materials to form a sound-absorbing ceiling board. Whether it is a glass wool sound-absorbing wall panel or a sound-absorbing ceiling panel, it is necessary to use glass wool with a high volume density, and undergo a certain strengthening treatment to prevent the plate from being deformed or too soft. This building material not only has good decoration, but also maintains the sound absorption characteristics of centrifugal glass wool. The noise reduction coefficient NRC can generally reach more than 0.85. In large spaces such as gymnasiums and workshops, in order to absorb sound and reduce noise, sound absorbers based on centrifugal glass wool are often used. The sound absorber can be made into a plate, a column, a cone or other special-shaped body as required. The inside of the sound absorber is filled with centrifugal glass wool, and the surface of the sound absorber is covered with a sound-transmitting surface layer. Because the sound absorber has many surfaces to absorb sound, the sound absorption efficiency is very high.

What are the advantages of fiberglass smallpox?

1. Excellent sound absorption performance. The cavity installed on the back of the building ceiling is usually larger than 200mm, and the cavity will greatly improve the sound absorption coefficient in the low frequency band. According to the measurement, the glass fiber ceiling can achieve strong sound absorption in the entire frequency band.

2. Nice decoration. Coloring the surface has a good decorative effect.

3. Good fireproof performance. Since the main raw material of the board is glass fiber, the glass fiber is not combustible, so the fire rating of the glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling is Class A.

4. Measure light sheet. The thickness is thin, the weight is light, and the area density is about 2.O3.0kg/mz, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

5. Simple structure and easy installation. Because the ceiling does not need the protective decorative surface of the general glass fiber board, the sound insulation of the light wall is only about 23,24dB, and there will be no fiber scattered to pollute the environment, so the construction site is clean. Metal keel can be used for installation, which can be bright keel or dark keel, which is convenient for installation, maintenance and replacement in the future. The increase in the load of the building structure is small and relatively safe. The board is very light. And it is a full-wave strong sound-absorbing material, suitable for stadiums, exhibition halls, large shopping malls, high-noise workshops and other large-span buildings. And can effectively reduce the indoor reverberation sound, so that the environment is more quiet.

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