How does glass fiber smallpox achieve sound absorption? What are the advantages of the product?

Glass fiber ceiling is a man-made inorganic fiber ceiling, which can effectively control and adjust the indoor reverberation time, reduce noise and improve sound quality. Used in air-conditioned places, it can reduce the influence of the outside world on the indoor temperature, thereby effectively saving energy. It has moisture-proof properties and can maintain the stability of flatness in any humid environment. A prominent advantage of glass fiber smallpox is sound absorption, which can improve the impact of noise on the indoor environment and create a more comfortable living environment for people. How does glass fiber smallpox achieve sound absorption? What are the advantages of the product? Let's introduce:

How does 1. glass fiber smallpox achieve sound absorption?

1. Glass fiber smallpox is an open structure. Sound can pass through gaps or cavities, rebound between gaps, and convert sound into heat energy consumption, thus realizing the function of attenuating sound waves. It mainly uses the principle of thin plate resonance sound absorption. At the resonance frequency, the violent vibration of the product can absorb a large amount of sound energy, and there are countless small holes in the middle of the sound-absorbing board, which can absorb external audio. Acoustic waves penetrate into the material along these pores and rub against the material to convert the acoustic energy into thermal energy.

2. The structural characteristics of glass fiber ceiling can meet the requirements of sound absorption principle, buffer and absorb sound waves, thereby reducing the impact of noise.

2. glass fiber smallpox product advantage

1, glass fiber smallpox is a good sound absorption performance, beautiful plate products. It is made of high-quality glass fiber material, does not produce needle-like dust, and enters the human body through the respiratory tract to avoid harm to the human body.

2. The base layer coating of glass fiber sound-absorbing board with composite fiber mesh structure can greatly improve its impact resistance and deformation resistance.

3. The interior of the glass fiber ceiling is a three-dimensional cross grid structure with sufficient internal space and firm structure, which can improve its sound absorption and noise reduction ability. Compared with ordinary sound-absorbing panels, the sound-absorbing effect can be increased by 1-2 times. Adding moisture-proof agent and auxiliary moisture-proof agent inside can not only enhance the moisture-proof property of the surface fiber, but also effectively stabilize the adhesive, thereby maintaining the strength of the product, adjusting the indoor humidity, and improving the indoor environment.

4. Glass fiber smallpox is filled with 4 kinds of nano-antibacterial agents, which can effectively prevent mold growth, sterilization and antibacterial regeneration, thereby expanding the application range of glass fiber sound-absorbing panels and making them suitable for sterile environments that require antibacterial and sterilization.

5. The use of fireproof and heat-insulating glass fiber sound-absorbing panels and the addition of expanded perlite can effectively reduce cooling and heating costs and meet the requirements of modern people for energy saving and consumption reduction.

6. The appearance of glass fiber smallpox is also very beautiful. It can be made into different shapes and colors to meet the decoration requirements of different places and has stronger applicability. This product is used in office places, conference rooms, cinemas, office buildings, etc., which can not only absorb sound, but also have a good decorative effect.

At present, the external environment is relatively noisy. The combination of sounds from machines, vehicles, and audio systems produces a lot of noise, which brings great trouble to people's work and life. Some residents find it difficult to rest at night due to noise problems, which is very harmful to their physical and mental health. Glass fiber smallpox is an effective solution to this problem.

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