The advantages of glass fiber ceiling

glass fiber ceiling , also known as environmentally friendly non-combustible glass fiber board, has the characteristics of sound absorption, heat insulation, flame retardant, environmental protection, etc., can be widely used in wall, ceiling decoration sound-absorbing treatment, especially in large area installation effect is very ideal. Glass fiber ceiling is a sound-absorbing material made of glass fiber as the substrate. In the production process, many crisscross pores are produced inside, which greatly improve the sound absorption performance of the board. Below to understand its advantages.

advantages of glass fiber ceiling:

1. excellent sound absorption performance. The cavity installed on the back of the building ceiling is usually larger than 200mm, and the cavity will greatly improve the sound absorption coefficient in the low frequency band. According to the measurement, the glass fiber ceiling can achieve strong sound absorption in the entire frequency band.

2. Nice decoration. Coloring the surface has a good decorative effect.

3. Good fireproof performance. Since the main raw material of the board is glass fiber, which is not combustible, the fire resistance rating of the board reaches a level.

4. Measure light sheet. The thickness is thin, the weight is light, and the area density is about 2.0 ~ 3.G/ MZ, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

5. Simple structure and easy installation. Because the ceiling does not need the protective decorative surface of the general glass fiber board, the sound insulation of the light wall is only about 23%, and there will be no fiber scattered to pollute the environment, so the construction site is clean. Metal keel can be installed bright keel, can also be installed dark keel, not only easy to install, but also convenient for future maintenance and replacement. The increase in the load of the building structure is small and relatively safe.

6. The quality of the board is very light. And it is a full-wave strong sound-absorbing material, suitable for stadiums, exhibition halls, large shopping malls, high-noise workshops and other large-span buildings. And can effectively reduce the indoor reverberation sound, so that the environment is more quiet.

7. Good sound absorption effect, excellent strength and flatness; beautiful decorative effect, etc. It can improve the acoustic environment of buildings, enhance building functions, improve people's quality of work and life, and promote human health and safety. It is widely used in hospitals, halls, exhibition halls, trial halls, libraries, studios, recording studios, gymnasiums, voice classrooms, commercial shopping places and other indoor spaces that require noise reduction and moderate decoration. glass fiber ceiling ceiling price is affected by a variety of factors, different brands of different prices. Even if the brand is the same and the specifications are different, the price will be different. When buying, don't just focus on how much money, but also on cost performance. Glass fiber ceiling has many advantages, more popular and loved by people.

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