The characteristics of fabric sound-absorbing board?

Nowadays, there are still many people who do not understand some basic information of fabric sound-absorbing board , so as a manufacturer, it is also necessary for us to briefly explain. In fact, fabric sound-absorbing board is everywhere we can see. Its structure is simple, its sound-absorbing effect is better, and it also has some characteristics such as beauty, which also make it have more options when enterprises choose. So now we simply to introduce the characteristics of fabric sound-absorbing board, we hope to help.

So first of all, we all know that fabric sound-absorbing board is a technology industry under the development of our market, because it is based on the principle of acoustics, and then through the reasonable coordination of materials, the finished product has an excellent noise reduction effect, which makes it more widely used. In terms of sound-absorbing performance, the fabric sound-absorbing board is especially good for medium and high frequency sound-absorbing effects. Moreover, all materials of the fabric sound-absorbing board must conform to the national environmental protection standards, so its formaldehyde content is also very low, which ensures that the damage to human body can be reduced to a very low level when used indoors. At the same time, the products of the fabric sound-absorbing board also have the fragrance of natural wood, so the company can also customize the fabric sound-absorbing board with zero formaldehyde according to the needs of customers. This is also an environmentally friendly product. And the fabric sound-absorbing board substrate all use specially treated high-density mildew-proof moisture-proof board to ensure that the product's mildew-proof moisture-proof performance. At the same time, the fabric sound-absorbing board has natural wood texture, showing a simple and natural feeling, and can also reflect the bright and beautiful style of modern rhythm, so its products are highly decorative, and can be decorated with natural wood grain, patterns and other decorative effects according to needs, providing good visual enjoyment. This is also an art product for consumers.

And the fabric sound-absorbing board also has the highest fire rating B1. And this point has passed the national authority department testing through. Insist on using high-quality materials, do high-quality products, be responsible for customers, take customers as the first, and create a win-win situation. We have always maintained high-quality service, adding color of success to thousands of consumer goods and industrial products, widely recognized by the industry, and achieved a win-win vision with partners. Changing the extensive production of traditional building materials, using fully automatic computer control equipment, large-scale standardized production, that is, improving production capacity, but also to ensure product quality. The standardized module design of the fabric sound-absorbing board adopts the structure of slot and keel, which makes the installation of the operator easy and fast. This improves the efficiency of the operators, brings benefits to the enterprise, and achieves a win-win situation for everyone.

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