The use of fabric sound-absorbing board points

Fabric sound-absorbing board is an indispensable element. In the field of acoustics, its appearance now effectively complements the sound-absorbing material of hard structure. But also can be salt can be sweet, colorful, and now its texture and lines soften the space blunt lines, bring people a warm warm feeling, favored by many owners and designers. The following is the main points for the use of fabric sound-absorbing board.

fabric sound-absorbing panels are generally customized according to the construction site. In the past, this product was mainly used in hotels, clubs, KTV and other places, rarely seen at home. When used, the sound-absorbing principle of the fabric sound-absorbing board is a special sound-absorbing structural material with strong sound-absorbing field. Strong and not deformed. The sound-absorbing wedge is suitable for strong airflow environment. The main object is a high-quality anechoic chamber, which is more effective in absorbing low frequencies and can remove standing waves. The sound coefficient is greater than 0.99. Compared with ordinary sound-absorbing wedges, the V-type and W-type sound-absorbing wedges made of polyester have the characteristics of small size and more reasonable price. Now this fabric sound-absorbing board not only has all the functions of a flat sound-absorbing board, but also can conduct sound waves of different angles through its three-dimensional surface, eliminate the blind area of the sound wave in the diffusion process, improve the sound quality, balance the sound, refine the stress and weaken the treble to compensate for the bass. The core material of

fabric sound-absorbing board is centrifugal glass wool. Centrifugal glass wool, as a sound-absorbing material widely used in the world for a long time, has been proved to have excellent sound absorption performance. And it is mainly a professionally designed fabric sound-absorbing decorative panel, NRC>0.8. Acoustic adjustment is convenient and can provide users with acoustic solutions. In addition to acoustic requirements, each interior space has its own specific artistic pursuits. The choice of fabric sound-absorbing decorative board is rich and colorful, which can be formulated according to the personalized requirements of users, providing great possibility for you to achieve your goals. Especially in the use of formaldehyde-free, tasteless, flame retardant, internal and external repair, won the praise and pursuit of customers and designers. Therefore, fabric sound-absorbing panels are widely used in multi-function halls, opera houses, conference rooms, theaters, auditoriums, hotels, television stations, concert halls, piano rooms, gymnasiums, villas or places with strict acoustic requirements in home life. Now its sound absorption spectrum is high, and it has a good sound absorption effect on high, medium and low noise. It has the characteristics of difficult fire prevention, no dust pollution, strong decoration and simple construction. It is now also mainly available in a variety of colors and patterns, and decorative fabrics can also be provided by customers. The material of the veneer and frame can be adjusted according to the requirements of the acoustic decoration or the owner.

fabric sound-absorbing board