The role of fabric sound-absorbing board

Fabric sound-absorbing board is a multifunctional building material that meets the decoration performance and sound absorption and sound insulation performance of the place. Now it is different from other building materials, also known as sound insulation soft bags, and is more and more People's recognition and use.

Fabric sound-absorbing panels have a variety of different colors of surface decorative cloth to choose from. Decorative cloth can also be provided by the customer. According to the requirements of acoustic decoration or the owner, the material of the facing cloth and frame can be adjusted to create a comfortable, quiet, warm and elegant indoor environment with both sound absorption and decorative effects. The fabric sound-absorbing board is made of glass wool wrapped sound-absorbing cloth. And in terms of decorative performance, it is now as soft as a bag, with a rich natural material texture experience. There are a variety of modern colors and patterns to choose from to meet the decoration needs of different styles and levels. The combination of modern sound-absorbing decorative art and simple decorative modeling creates a quiet, modern, warm and elegant indoor environment. The fabric sound-absorbing panel can also be adjusted according to the acoustic decoration requirements or the owner's requirements, and the material of the facing cloth and frame can be adjusted.

When using fabric sound-absorbing board, the product has flame-retardant and flame-retardant effects, because its flame-retardant performance is one of the important safety indicators of building materials. So that the whole product has a strong flame retardant. And light weight, weight per square meter is only 1 -- 3kg, can greatly reduce the building on the steel frame keel load, improve seismic performance. Of course, due to its good heat preservation effect and excellent heat preservation performance, it can maintain sufficient heat preservation effect no matter in high temperature or low temperature environment, thus creating a very comfortable indoor space. In addition, the fabric sound-absorbing board in use also need to pay attention to, if the wall without carpentry floor, the wall needs to be smooth and clean. If the wall is susceptible to moisture, you must use skirting or gypsum board on the wall. If the customer is worried that they cannot be pasted with glue, they can hit two or three spikes on one side of the bevel of the pasted fabric sound-absorbing board. The allowable tolerance of the fabric sound-absorbing board is ± 2mm, as long as the size is within the tolerance range during installation.

The content of the above article is about the role of fabric sound-absorbing panels in application places. Friends who did not know before can learn about it. This time I will share it with you. See you next time.

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