The advantages of fabric sound-absorbing board?

Every kind of thing has its value. In our daily life, there are many things and products that cannot be separated from it. fabric sound-absorbing board is one of them. It may be said directly that everyone does not think we are inseparable, but when we go to opera, concert and KTV, then fabric sound-absorbing board will give full play to its advantages.

First of all, let's look at the advantages of fabric sound-absorbing panels, because when enterprises choose the same product, they will first look at some of its advantages to see if they need the product, so it is particularly important to find out the advantages of fabric sound-absorbing panels. Usually, the fabric sound-absorbing board has been specially treated to make the angles of the four sides consistent, and the aesthetic feeling of splicing is very obvious. This is an effect that sponge and other soft bags could not achieve before. In addition, the fabric sound-absorbing board has a variety of colors and patterns of decorative cloth for everyone to choose from, or the customer can provide the required decorative cloth for the manufacturer to produce, so that it can be matched with their own decoration style. The fabric sound-absorbing panel can also be adjusted according to the requirements of acoustic decoration or the requirements of the owner. This product makes people look beautiful and generous, and there is no lack of warm and elegant feeling. And by the designer imagination to do some special modeling to increase the effect, in the use of reverberation can also play a very good role in regulating. Moreover, the fabric sound-absorbing board can also meet the acoustic design standards, making the environmental sound quality more full, clear and rich. Let consumers in the use of the experience is also very strong, to bring people a happy experience. At the same time, it is also because of the advantages of fabric sound-absorbing board, enterprises can save not to do the bottom of the board and do not need to do the paint surface. This effectively saves costs for enterprises, and the fire protection level of fabric sound-absorbing panels is B1 and environmental protection is E1. This shows that the fabric sound-absorbing board is environmentally friendly products, and the material is non-toxic, and will not produce and volatilize harmful substances, no harm to the human body. And by the national building materials testing center, the product is in line with the national mandatory standard GB18580-2001 E1 level. Let the use of enterprises in the choice of no worries.

The material of the fabric sound-absorbing board is made of glass wool coated sound-absorbing cloth to become sound-absorbing and sound-insulating material, which can shorten and adjust the reverberation time according to different needs, reduce sound impurities, improve sound effects and optimize the clarity of language. And in terms of decorative performance, the fabric soft bag-like softness, rich natural material texture experience, and a variety of modern colors and patterns to choose from in the fabric sound-absorbing panel will meet the decoration requirements of different styles and levels, and the modern sound-absorbing decorative art combined with simple decorative modeling can create a quiet, modern, warm and elegant indoor environment.

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