fabric acoustic board is what?

With the rapid development of science and technology in the world, processing technology has become more and more familiar into people's field of vision, green manufacturing has been highly valued, fabric sound-absorbing board manufacturing is also upgraded to a new stage, so what is fabric sound-absorbing board?

In daily life, there are many places to use fabric sound-absorbing boards. Many music classrooms and recording studios will have this kind of fabric sound-absorbing boards, which are used to reduce the decibels of sound and do not have a bad impact on the lives of people around them. Then the fabric sound-absorbing board, what is the main reason? It is based on the acoustic principle, and then after exquisite processing, by the soft fabric finish, frame group and sound-absorbing cotton and waterproof aluminum felt, which is why it will absorb the main reason. The core material of the fabric sound-absorbing board is the fireproof grade A centrifugal glass wool. Then the centrifugal glass wool as a long-term widely used all over the world acoustic material, it after so long development, has now been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other places, and proved to be very excellent sound absorption performance. Fabric sound-absorbing board products are usually used in opera houses, theaters, recording studios, recording studios, conference rooms, studios, concert halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, hotels, KTV, broadcasting rooms, audition rooms, business offices, TV stations, Radio stations, multi-function halls, villas or home life and other places with strict acoustic requirements. This is not to affect the normal life of other people, but also to enjoy life at the same time, do not affect each other, harmonious coexistence of products, for the harmonious development of society has made a great contribution.

The product of fabric sound-absorbing board is made by placing non-combustible special sound-absorbing surface with micro-porous treatment in plastic or wooden frame and outsourcing fireproof sound-absorbing cloth. Its products are difficult to prevent fire and do not have some dust pollution and its decorative is relatively strong, and the construction is relatively simple and so on some characteristics are also the advantages that make it popular in use. Moreover, the sound absorption spectrum of the fabric sound-absorbing board is very high, and it has a good sound absorption effect for high, medium and low noise at the same time. But also according to the acoustic decoration or customer requirements, to adjust the decorative cloth and frame material and layout, so that people in the use of the mood will be better. And fabric sound-absorbing panels also have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, but also by the customer to provide decorative cloth.

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