fabric acoustic board installation method is what?

Now, due to people's attention to children's interests and hobbies, children in many families will learn various musical instruments. This is a good phenomenon, which shows that people's living standards are constantly improving. However, in the learning process, if you practice at home, it will cause noise pollution among neighbors. Therefore, many families will install fabric sound-absorbing board at home to block the sound from coming out, so what is the installation method of fabric sound-absorbing board?

First of all, the "^"-shaped aluminum alloy dragon frame is used to support, and the keel is fixed first, and the hoisting is firm and flat. The keel is used to form the skeleton, and then the plate is placed flat on the limbs of the keel, and the four limbs of the keel are used to support the plate. This is the commonly used flat installation method, this method is simple in structure, easy to install, but also a method of high utilization rate. And the use of this method, especially the aluminum alloy "^" shaped keel, it plays the role of the supporting component, but also the sealing strip of the plate seam, kill two birds with one stone, improve the efficiency of the enterprise, but also reduce the cost. Then there is another method, this is on the surface of the ceiling, can not see the keel, the section of the keel has a "^" shape, but also has a special shape. Then the main installation procedure of this method is the following. First, the keel should be hung flat, the periphery of the sound-absorbing board should be slotted, then the limbs of the keel should be inserted into the dark groove, and the board should be held by the limbs. This method is the dark keel ceiling installation method. The main material of fabric sound-absorbing board is gypsum, and the advantages of gypsum board are also particularly good, which fully meets the requirements of thermal insulation and insulation of fabric sound-absorbing board and its sound insulation effect is also very good. But other mineral wool sound-absorbing board surface treatment in the form of rich, and the plate has a strong decorative effect. Their surface treated knurled mineral wool board, also known as the "caterpillar", the surface of these materials covered with depth, shape, aperture of different holes.

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