What is the difference between fabric sound-absorbing board and fabric sound-absorbing body?

As people's living standards are getting higher and higher, more and more people will pursue spiritual satisfaction in addition to normal life. For example, to listen to operas and concerts, many children will also go Learn some musical instruments, so this sound is also relatively high in decibels in people's daily life, so some professional things are needed to deal with it, so in the process of using, fabric sound-absorbing board and fabric sound-absorbing body what is the difference? I hope it can help more people. We will have more supplements in the future. Welcome to have a look.

So, we are in the usual use, there are several products for you to choose, we can choose the right product according to their own needs, now let's take a look at what is the difference between them? In fact, fabric sound-absorbing panels and fabric sound-absorbing body in the material is not much different, mainly their style is somewhat different. In real life, we can often see the use of fabric sound-absorbing panels in many places. It is not difficult to imagine from the name that most of the fabric sound-absorbing panels are flat board sound-absorbing soft bags, which are common sound-absorbing materials in our daily life. However, people's understanding and cognition of fabric sound-absorbing soft bags, that is, fabric sound-absorbing bodies, are far inferior to fabric sound-absorbing panels. Cloth sound-absorbing body from the literal understanding is irregular three-dimensional. Therefore, it is because of the difference in the shape of the two, which indirectly leads to the difference between its sound-absorbing function and principle. From the material point of view, fabric sound-absorbing panels and sound-absorbing bodies are fabric products, their own fire performance will be relatively poor, so when choosing fabric sound-absorbing materials, we must consider whether there is a large fire risk around, fire prevention and fire fighting measures should be in place.

Then the fabric sound-absorbing board that we usually use is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic product, so it will be more suitable for indoor, cinema, KTV and other crowded places, and because it not only has a good sound-absorbing effect, At the same time, it also has a certain decorative effect, so it is often used in decoration design. However, the decorative effect of the fabric sound-absorbing body is not as good as the sound-absorbing board, and because its shape is not standard, it is often used indoors less, and it is difficult to be noticed by people. Our company adheres to the principle of customer first and quality first. As always, we provide good products and services for all enterprises. At the same time, we are willing to make greater contributions to the national environmental protection cause. We have always maintained high-quality service, adding color of success to thousands of consumer goods and industrial products, widely recognized by the industry, and achieved a win-win vision with partners.

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